Mission and Purpose

The mission of NIA is to provide an avenue by which individuals can obtain the necessary human capital, political capital, social capital, economic capital and intellectual capital to enhance the quality of life for themselves and their community.

The Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA) is a community development corporation established in 1996 to promote positive change in distressed communities by improving physical, economic, and social conditions. This holistic view represents NIA’s “theory of change” as it relates to neighborhood transformation and community development. Our theory of change illuminates the notion that poor and distressed communities have intrinsic assets and values that can be built upon to eradicate conditions associated with poverty, unemployment, lack of skills, crime, drug abuse and a sense of hopelessness.

One of NIA’s entry points to neighborhood transformation is a long-term housing development plan. We believe that home ownership is an important and invaluable contribution to wealth building and economic self-determination. NIA is also committed to the notion of asset building and human skill development.

The enhancement of human skills and asset development, in our opinion, leads to community empowerment. Community empowerment represents the ability of neighborhood residents to exercise collective control over vital institutions, services and activities.

Our work involves collaborating with other community-based organizations, agencies, government, business and leaders to bring about institutional change at the neighborhood level.